As a child, David was captivated by a local glass artist in his community.  He used to stop on the way home from school and watch with awe as the artist created custom panels for his customers, meticulously turning lead and glass into beautiful pieces of art and forever sparking within David a love of stained glass.


Years later, while working as a "Big 5" consultant, David found the time to take some classes at a local studio in Clearwater, Florida when he wasn't working with his corporate clients.   Honing his skills by working in the studio as time permitted, he made the decision to become a full-time artist as the result of a lay-off.

After falling in love with the atmosphere of Helena during a trip over a decade ago, David decided to open a studio in the "Old Town" section of Helena, Alabama.  David now lives in Helena with his wife Stephanie and daughters Kennedy and Riley Grace and looks forward to sharing his love of glass with the community.

You can reach David by calling the studio at (205) 541-3322 or by sending an email to