Second Intro to Copper Foil Class Graduates!

The second Intro to Copper Foil Class at Buck Creek Stained Glass has graduated! We had a great time learning about the basics of copper foil panel construction and it is truly a pleasure to watch people start off wondering just how they're going to complete their project and wind up knowing exactly what they need to do!

Buck Creek Stained Glass Intro to Foil Class

We've got some other classes advertised as well; Introduction to Copper Foil, Introduction to Lead Came and by request, an Intermediate Copper Foil class!  Call the studio at (205) 541-3322 or go to our website at and click on "Classes" to sign up online!

PSID Project Nearing Completion

The project for Phillip Sides Interior Design (PSID) is nearing completion.  The panel's been constructed and now it's simply a matter of glazing and reinforcement before it leaves the studio for its new home! Buck Creek Panel for PSID Assembled

It's a fairly large panel (those are yardsticks on the border) and we've had a great time in the studio building it.  The owner of Buck Creek Stained Glass, David Schlueter, is shown below glazing the panel, which gives it some strength and keeps everything in place.

Glazing the PSID Project at Buck Creek Stained Glass

PSID Project Underway

The project for PSID (Phillip Sides Interior Design) is now on the bench; the glass is cut and it's time to "get the lead out" (and on the project)! Buck Creek Stained Glass PSID Design

The project itself is a fascinating blend of modern and Gothic styles and relies upon both opacity and texture to convey size and depth. Oh, and it's approximately 25 square feet in size :).

More photos to come

First Foil Class Graduates!

It's been a couple weeks, but I thought I would post a few photos from the first Intro to Copper Foil class that graduated from Buck Creek Stained Glass.  I had a great time teaching them, and it was fun to see their faces when they held up their finished projects for the first time! Buck Creek Stained Glass Class Graduates

There's a second class that's currently running right now on Saturday mornings, and we're getting ready to start both a Tuesday day and a Tuesday evening class.  If you're interested, make sure to call us at 205-541-3322 to sign up!


Buck Creek wins commission from one of the leading architectural/interior design firms in the South

We're proud to announce that Buck Creek just accepted a commission from Phillip Sides Interior Design (PSID), one of the leading architectural and interior design firms in the South.  Over the last thirty years PSID has been featured in numerous publications and has garnered many awards for its work. Phillip was honored by House Beautiful in 1993 as on of its Top 125 Designers in the US. In 1984, Phillip’s home was recognized by Metropolitan Home as Met Home of the Year winner. Phillip’s participation in numerous Showhouse projects includes the architectural design for a Southern Living Showhouse in Mobile, Al. PSID completed four show houses for Southern Accents in 2001, 2002 and 2006 and more recently the 2009 Seawatch Showhouse for Coastal Living. You can see more of the work from PSID here